Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I remember

I remember 15 minutes ago. The way you felt :( oooohhhh -_- I remember looking into your eyes. I 

remember my sophomore year. I remember all the drama from yesterday, remember when I freaked out at 

Jimmy?! hahaha great guy! not really. I remember when I used to lived with my mom. She's a funny woman 

let me tell ya. I remember walking around and acting shy at LP. Not on purpose,  I'm still a little shy I would 

say until you really know me. I remember freshman year, that black kid Darius Kelly choked me out in the 

locker room. Literally I passed out lol. I remember always getting a sore throat. I remember work 

and how I pretty much don't like jobs. I remember building relationships. I remember my confidence 

boosting. I remember going AZ. yeaaaaahhhhhhh. Remember the words my Dad told me and his "promise." 

I remember feeling sad and learning how to not be or at least not often. I remember learning and still learning 

how to have good self control. I remember you said we we're gonna play some music. Man no we're not. I 

remember my sister is coming to see me May 10th, soooo excited. I remember texting thinking "I'm on my 

phone too much." I remember 2 days ago, yesterday and today. 


  1. Very lighthearted. Nice step away from the mopey blogposts that we're so fond of. I liked this post.

  2. Nothing funny about getting choked out by a black kid, but way to be an optimist haha. that part had me laughing (with pity of course)

  3. i don't know exactly what you meant in all of these, but they all seemed real. and i like that a lot