Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I remember

I remember 15 minutes ago. The way you felt :( oooohhhh -_- I remember looking into your eyes. I 

remember my sophomore year. I remember all the drama from yesterday, remember when I freaked out at 

Jimmy?! hahaha great guy! not really. I remember when I used to lived with my mom. She's a funny woman 

let me tell ya. I remember walking around and acting shy at LP. Not on purpose,  I'm still a little shy I would 

say until you really know me. I remember freshman year, that black kid Darius Kelly choked me out in the 

locker room. Literally I passed out lol. I remember always getting a sore throat. I remember work 

and how I pretty much don't like jobs. I remember building relationships. I remember my confidence 

boosting. I remember going AZ. yeaaaaahhhhhhh. Remember the words my Dad told me and his "promise." 

I remember feeling sad and learning how to not be or at least not often. I remember learning and still learning 

how to have good self control. I remember you said we we're gonna play some music. Man no we're not. I 

remember my sister is coming to see me May 10th, soooo excited. I remember texting thinking "I'm on my 

phone too much." I remember 2 days ago, yesterday and today. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015


So right now I am looking for a $106 dollar check that is nowhere to be found. Man Iv'e checked everywhere. In my room, In the kitchen, under baskets, In cabinets, drawers, cars, next place I'm gonna check is the freakin trashcan sitting in my driveway. What to do,,, backtrack I literally do not know there are too many places it could be. When you lose something like this they always end up in the wierdest places. Man that ain't a word!! "Oh well" Any Ideas???????


Hey my dear heart,
Thank you for always putting up with my emotions and making me who I am today.. that's it.
Sincerely, Mason

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Great Song- The stArTing LinE

Almost there, going nowhere
it's time to say a word
"say it like you mean it"
he spoke with a tone of hurt
as my eyes rolled back
hoping for the end
one too many condescending battles for a friend

say another word
and i'll sit on the floor
keep talking down to me
your not only losing me
your losing whats in store

i'll try to stay awake
when i go
when i get home
i'll try to stay away
over the phone
so i can tell the truth
tell the truth

something keeps on getting in the way
between you and I on summer holiday yeah
just wait one minute more
cause my heart is halfway torn and your already gone
and your already gone

i'll try to stay awake (so i can tell you)
when i go
when i get home
i'll try to stay away (so i can tell you)
over the phone
so i can tell the truth

say another word
face first on the floor
keep talking down to me
losing what was almost meant to be

i'll try to stay awake (so i can tell you)
when i go
when i get home
i'll try to stay away (so i can tell you)
over the phone
so i can tell the truth


Shoes they keep your feet warm. Sometimes. When you're not in the snow. I haven't blogged forever my bad. Life kinda sucks though. Well right now,,, nahh I'm okay! Chili-cheese corndogs?!?! Banana Bell Peppers-Carson Mooney. It was soooooo windy today like did you see that wind, or in that matter hear it. I received a haircut today guys. Wendy told me I look Adam Levine lols. Well anyways this has nothing to do with shoes but, hey who cares these are all thoughts that randomly came to my mind!
-With carson mooney

Sunday, March 15, 2015

just because its sunday

Stare at the dots in the middle for about 30 seconds then look at a blank wall..